Package 1: 50/50 Revenue Sharing ( INVITE ONLY ) 
 In this package, Fit & Talented and the trainer split the revenue generated from the sale of the online workout programs 50/50. We assist in everything from recording to website setup to payment processing, leaving trainers free to focus on creating and marketing their workouts. This package includes 3 hours of recording time per season, one camera angle, and basic editing.

Package 2 Worldwide Remote Recording ( INVITE ONLY ) 
This package is designed specifically for trainers who are unable to come to our recording studio in person. We help trainers record their workouts remotely and handle the back end of their business, including website setup and payment processing. In exchange, we take a 30% commission on all revenue generated from the sale of the online workout programs. This option is ideal for trainers who want support with the technical aspects of creating and selling online workout programs. At Fit & Talented, we believe in the power of quality video to help personal trainers and athlete coaches succeed in the fitness industry. Contact us today to learn more about how our TrainerBoost video production product and customizable packages can help you achieve your goals.
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